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Thank you for reaching out to us about your project. We will review your inquiry and be in touch within 24-48 hours via email. From there, we will work with you to set up a time to discuss your project over the phone and determine if we will be a good fit for your project. We look forward to talking with you further!

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on site design

This is for those clients looking for a full-service design experience. Our team will develop a custom design concept and be with you step-by-step as the vision is taken from conception to the final installation.

VIRTUAL design

Get the Jamie Smith Interiors aesthetic from afar. We provide a simple, approachable way to decorate your desired space with ease. Each design is completely individualized and created to fit your style, space, and budget.

At Jamie Smith Interiors, we want to be available to our clients in whichever way possible works best for them. Therefore, we offer two approaches to collaborating with us on a project depending on where you live. It is important to us that we work with clients both near and far as we know how hard it can be to find a designer who gets your personality and your style as well as being available to you within your city. We believe that good design transcends distance and would love to help you with your project in any way we can.

A home should be a reflection of your passions, your personality and your family. We love to embrace the special and important pieces our clients have collected over time. It adds character and interest to a space and we love to use that in order to create an authentic vibe in our clients' interiors. Utilizing unique pieces with shape, texture and color allows more depth to permeate throughout a home and allows a story to be told of the inhabitants. This meaningful collection of time honored pieces and passions we hold dear is what makes each of our homes truly special. Click through below to read about each of our services we offer to assist you with your home's design.

our services

A crucial step in the design process, a well laid space plan creates a foundation with which your designs are built on. Space planning involves taking exact measurements of your existing space, or working hand in hand with an architect to develop one if you're building from the ground up. We then work to layout all of your built-in cabinetry, equipment and furnishings so everything is assured to fit perfectly in your home. 

space planning

We love to tackle new built homes and renovations as they each have such unique aspects to both. With new builds and renovations depending on the scope of work involved, we can help recommend architects and contractors best fit to the project. We love to dig into the plans and details behind the architectural design of a space and therefore are happy to work with clients and craftsmen to make their home a reality.

new construction & renovations

Once a space plan has been established for a home, then the next key step is crafting the design and styling. We specialize in residential design because we love the casual and approachable air of a home. Magic happens when a design pulls from a client's personality. Our tried and true process focuses on getting to know our clients in-depth in order to develop an elevated and practical plan that speaks to their passions.

interior design & styling

Here's where we come to the fun part of a design is choosing all of the key elements that will play an important role in a space. We are happy to help lead clients in the selection of pieces that are attuned to specific needs such as kids, pets, etc. Our firm has a number of hand selected companies that we pull pieces from and we stand behind every one of the pieces we carefully select for a client's home.

furniture, lighting, fabric and accessories selection

Two of the most important areas of a home for resale are baths and kitchens. With Jamie's previous experience in real estate, she understands the power of a beautiful bath and kitchen design. Therefore, we look to balance a home's beauty by incorporating key designs into a kitchen and bath in order to tailor a home to be not only luxurious and gorgeous, but also beneficial to our clients down the road. 

kitchen & bath design

Curating a design for a home takes a number of artisans to make it happen. From the contractor to the workrooms to the architect, there are numerous people working to make a client's home a reality. At Jamie Smith Interiors, we want the design process to be as effortless as possible. Therefore, we offer project management on your home project in order to keep things running smoothly. This allows our clients to sit back and relax knowing that the project is in good hands and that everything will be handled with a careful eye and a keen attention to detail in order to be sure everything goes smoothly.

project management