jamie smith

Jamie has been immersed in the design trade since she was a young girl. Her passion for the industry was cultivated during childhood when she spent weekends walking through homes with her mother, a real estate broker. Ever since she can remember, she has been dreaming of turning houses into homes for her own clients.

Having grown up in the South and spending almost a decade in the Midwest gave Jamie a love for traditional architecture and classic design, coupled with a natural appreciation for casual West Coast sensibility helps to create her signature brand of livable luxury.

Prior to starting Jamie Smith Interiors in 2018, Jamie designed and developed her own new construction home serving as the launching pad for her eponymous firm. 

With a love for interiors and the beauty that is achieved when clients' spaces reflect their own personalities, Jamie looks to infuse a modern yet laidback aesthetic into the heart of Atlanta and destinations both near and far. 

Jamie Smith was raised with a true penchant for design and an entrepreneurial mindset from
an early age.

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